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I am a visual storyteller that lives from it's passion: 

destination wedding photography. Gabriel Guerrero.

I will capture your essence with an assisted documentary approach


Based in London, UK, my camera and I will travel to any corner of the world to capture each significant moment of your union.

Weddings are for me —a hopeless romantic— the ultimate expression of loyalty, love and commitment, so I understand the HUGE responsibility placed upon me when trusted with this endeavour. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, a rainmaker, a friend you can trust to make the best out of your celebration while enjoying yourselves, not worrying about me being invasively close or bothering you to pose most shots, but making the best out of your most cherished moments while being practically invisible.

More than documenting minute to minute the details of an event, I'm committed to capturing that one image that tells a much larger story, one that you can see many years later and be transported back to that moment. That's why I need space for creativity. 

I am inspired by couples that see our time together as an opportunity to create art, enjoying ourselves while trusting me to tell their great story in images, that's why If we choose to work together I will be your ally, your friend, and your professional photographer.   

Let’s build your visual legacy together.

Contact to enquire or make a booking.